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My Story

Jeremy Rahn - Mental Performance Coach

Jeremy Rahn is the current mental performance coach for the Washington Wizards. His experience includes developing curriculum for the New York Giants Mental Conditioning Program, New York City Fire Department , NBA Referee's and  for NCAA Division I athletes  and Olympic athletes 

He is a graduate of Boston University.

He is a graduate of Boston University, obtaining a master’s degree in mental health counseling with a specialization in sport and performance psychology.

Jeremy has worked as a sport psychology consultant for NCAA Division I teams and several youth, college and Olympic athletes prior to his work with the Wizards. He also has experience as a therapeutic group leader for youth using sport as a platform to develop social-emotional skills and achieve therapeutic benefits. Jeremy is passionate about helping athletes and performers build upon their strengths using evidenced-based techniques to enhance performance, enjoy their experiences, and utilize mental skills on and off the field.

In addition to his mental performance work, Jeremy has a background in kinesiology and athletic coaching and enjoys working with leaders to help build positive climates for performance, growth, and wellbeing


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